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    Home Automation Adelaide

    We understand that automation is all about control, convenience, safety, and efficiency. We offer a customised automating system that is unique to your own personal requirements.  There are no two systems alike – and we take the time to get to know your devices such as your mobile phone, layout, functionality, and other requirements.

    As technology advances, automation or smart systems has become a leading trend for both residential and commercial premises.

    If you need an expert in electrical automation and installation for your home or business in Adelaide, South Australia,  look no further than GCH Electrical Projects.  Call us today

    Home Automation Adelaide

    Adelaide Automation and Control

    Whether you’re after a simple lighting and/ or audio control setup, or something more complex including security and entire home automation, we can offer a seamless solution to meet your needs.

    • Power Management
    • Enhance energy efficiency
    • Convenience
    • Control power and lights remotely

    Want to learn more about how you will benefit from our home automation Adelaide solutions?

    Supply & install for these trusted brands

    Home Automation Adelaide Systems

    We work with leading brands to bring you the best automation systems on the market today.  Looking for a brand you can’t see here?  We probably work with that brand too – just get in touch and let us know if you want something in particular and we’ll talk about the options.

    What Can Be Automated?

    The idea of automating our homes is becoming more and more familiar these days, but you might still be wondering what ‘automation’ systems actually exist!

    Controlling your home or office from just one touch of your smart device or a control station within your home is something many people dream of having.  And now, is becoming a reality for more and more homes.

    Automation systems can be used for things like:

    • Lighting
    • Security
    • Heating & cooling
    • Home theatres
    • Audio
    • Security devices
    • Motorised window furnishings
    • Timers for just about anything
    • And more!
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    Adelaide Automation Solutions

    Customised Lighting Systems

    Imagine the convenience of turning all your lights off at bedtime, or being able to dim them with just one touch! With GCH automated lighting systems, you can do these and more!

    GCH Electrical Projects can automate the lighting system for your convenience or protection. This technology will allow you to control your lights with just a few clicks on your smart device. We can customise your lighting automation the way you want it.

    Automate Your Home Security

    With the automated home protection system from GCH Electrical Projects, you’ll never have to worry about losing sight of your home when away. With remote access, you can unlock your doors and gates as well as view camera footage from your device. Keep an eye on everything inside your property and every room, from your device, anytime and wherever you are!

    With GCH, you can feel more secure in your own home. We can set up your alarms system to alert you on intruders of your property, cameras to see who is at the door, or open your gates remotely using your smart device.

    Putting an automated security system in your home not only makes you feel safer and more secure but also reduces insurance expenses. You can enjoy the convenience of being able to access information on our app at any time with ease!

    Air Conditioning

    GCH Electrical Projects can help you automate your air conditioning and heating appliances so that the perfect room temperature is waiting for you when you arrive home. We also provide cost-saving tips on how to operate at times of lower electricity prices, or in conjunction with solar panels!

    Air Conditioning

    Tired of over or underwatering your plants? GCH Electrical Projects got you covered. We can install an automated system that can help you manage your garden needs including measuring humidity and temperature. Use this information with our automated irrigating settings that can be accessed from anywhere in order to water the lawn remotely without fuss!

    Automated Solar Power System

    Using your solar power system efficiently can be quite tricky. There are still a lot of things you should know like when is the best time to use your solar power and when you should be using your battery pack.

    An automated solar power system can take the complexity out of your solar system management. Our solar automation solutions offer an efficient way to manage your solar power use. GHC Electrical Projects’ automated solar power system allows you to observe your energy consumption and power generation. You can use the information to know exactly what you need to do to manage your solar system and help you save on your energy bills.

    If you want to know more about optimizing your solar power system, call today.

    What Can Be Automated?

    Home automation Adelaide systems have become one of the most innovative technologies introduced into homes and businesses nowadays. However, if you’re still wondering what an office or home automation systems mean and the benefits you can get from it, our professional team will be happy to walk you through it.

    Controlling your home or office from just one touch of your smart device or a control station within your home is something many people dream of having.  And now, this convenience is becoming a reality through GCH’s business or home automation solutions.

    Would you like to know more benefits of automating your home or office? Talk to our home automation Adelaide expert by calling us at 08 70732237

    Adelaide Security Camera Installation

    We Only Work With High-Quality & Trusted Brands

    GCH Electrical Projects ensures the highest quality standard of electrical installation services. This is why we only work with the best brands for your office or home automation systems such as your security cameras and control lighting appliances.

    What is the best home automation system in Australia?

    GCH Electrical Projects offer the best home automation in Adelaide, and throughout Australia. We provide customised home automation Adelaide solutions that can give you control over your home appliances such as your air conditioner, right from your phone or other devices.

    Ready to start with automating your house or office today? Talk to our automation expert today at 08 70732237

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